Nadja Wedin

My name is Nadja Wedin and I’m a swedish artist and designer, by profession and by necessity. The nature itself is my source of inspiration number one, Maybe my mind is sort of twisted, but I see patterns in every flower, every leaf. The changes in colours and mood throughout the cycle of seasons triggers me to express myself in different ways, and creating patterns is my mindfulness.
So welcome into my world of creation!

The art of making patterns

Creating patterns as an art is a challenge. Every penstroke is important, every shape and colour must sing together in harmony. The details must both catch the attention of the eye and at the same time lead the viewer to the next area. To stay and to continue at the same time. My mission is that looking into my patterns shall be as if the eye reads an interesting and thrilling fairytale or story.

And even if the patterns when making a fabric or wallpaper by definition and necessity has to be repeated, the ultimate goal is that the viewer doesn’t feel the repeat boring.

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My favorite products

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On Instagram you can get a tiny little glimpse of what’s going on in my head, this is where I share parts of my life, high and low, big and small, patterns and drawings, joy and sorrow, topsy-turvy. I’m also on Facebook but there will not be as frequent posts there. On the blog, I share my thoughts about works and projects, try to explain about my process from the first line to a finished product, how it is to run a company with art as a foundation. Welcome!